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Characterization of urban air quality indoor/outdoor particulate matter chemical characteristics and souce-to-inhaled dose relationships (URBAN-AEROSOL)


The objective of the proposed cooperative research is the understanding of the particulate matter (PM) chemical composition/size distribution indoor/outdoor characteristics in several European urban areas and their consequences on exposure and internally deposited regional dose in the human respiratory tract. This will be accomplished by incorporating state-of-the-art continuous parallel indoor/outdoor measurements, detailed chemical characterization of the PM constituents combined with state-of -the-art tools formicroenvironmental modelling and dosimetry in order to diagnose the complex relationships between PM pollution sources and inhaled deposited dose on humans. The research study will examine residential on-smoking accommodation places across Europe.
Project's actual outcome (in terms of technical achievements or if appropriate task per task).

1.Methods software tools and experimental techniques to be applied in indoor-outdoor studies.
2.Determination of the actual human dose and its relationship with exposure. Guide to the public concerning human exposure indoors.

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