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The main objectives of the proposed European demonstration project are :

- to build, install, test and demonstrate an X-ray Log Scanner that can detect type,
size and location of defects in the interior of logs at a feed speed of 3 m/s;
- investigate and demonstrate the way sawmills could optimally exploit the new
possibilities offered by the X-ray Log Scanner.

The expected advantages of X-ray Log Scanner with respect to existing solutions are :

- economy (average estimated added value 10 %, roughly 15 ECU per cubic meter
of processed wood);
- technical (knowledge of internal structure of the logs);
- quality (decreasing errors in grading, better end user satisfaction);
- industrial (higher integration of the forest-wood chain);
- environment (better use of natural resources, valorisation of the use of wood);
- social (improving the business and technology/educational level of rural areas).

The following main issues are involved in the project :

- analysis of possible X-ray Log Scanner applications and system specification
- stimulation of machine configuration;
- modification of X-ray components for wood inspection process applications;
- modifications of X-ray detectors for wood inspection process applications;
- modification of control algorithms;
- building of prototype-equipment;
- testing of the prototype-equipment on-line on a sawmill;
- demonstration actions :
- to show the technical possibilities and economical advantages of using an
X-ray Log Scanner on a sawmill to an extended audience;
- to teach people from other sawmills how an X-ray Log Scanner can be used
in different applications;
- to attract the interest of Southern Europe sawmill companies in this

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