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Workshop on internal dosimetry of radionuclides - occupational, public and medical exposure


The aim of the Workshop is to provide a forum for the consideration of developments in internal dosimetry as applied to occupational, public and medical exposure and for presenting new information related to its future development. It will bring together those involved in radiation protection research on incorporated radio nuclides, occupational health physicists, regulators and representatives of international advisory bodies. The programme will include sessions covering key aspects of current research on internal dosimetry commencing with state-of-the-art presentations by invited speakers. The latest developments by international bodies, in particular by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), will be presented and examined. The bio kinetic and dosimetric models for radio nuclides developed by ICRP play a central role in the interpretation of bioassay data, in the assessment of doses and risks from intakes of radio nuclides and in demonstrating compliance with dose limits. They have been applied in the calculation of dose coefficients (doses per unit intakes, Sv Bq^-1)in the EURATOM Directive, in the International Basic Safety Standards and in National Regulations and Codes of Practice.
This workshop will provide an opportunity for scientists involved in work on the internal dosimetry of radio nuclides to present the results of their research and to contribute to the development of bio kinetic and dosimetric models by ICRP. These models are ultimately widely used throughout the European Community for dose assessments following intakes of radio nuclides, for demonstrating compliance with dose limits and assessing the consequences of the discharge of radio nuclides into the environment. The Workshop will also provide a forum for representatives of regulatory organisation sand industry to discuss their needs and for the current work by ICRP and other bodies in this area to be presented and discussed. Invited speakers will give overview papers covering key aspects of current work, and research scientists will give proffered papers or posters. The Proceedings will be published in Radiation Protection Dosimetry within a year of the Workshop.

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