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Monitoring data and information exchange among decision support systems


It has been demonstrated through testing and exercises that the MODEM prototype s a technical system for efficient data and information exchange. The system has demonstrated to be capable to exchange key information identified by the project, i.e. notification, source term, meteorological data and Decision Support System (DSS) key results. The added values from the project MODEM should now be evaluated in a broader perspective. The developed tools can be used in conjunction with other existing or recently developed or improved systems. The tools for the export and import of the measurement data could be used in close collaboration with EURDEP network. Providing ENSEMBLE with the common source term format and the import and export tools for ARGOS, RECASS and RODOS can enhance the comparability of their long-range calculations. The redundancy and decentralised proprietary web servers have also been seen as major benefit by most participants, and it has been demonstrated that automatic and easy update procedures between such servers are at hand and do not increase the needed user interaction. In order to provide the full potential added value from the prototype to emergency response, the components of the MODEM prototype should now be implemented in operational emergency centres and further developed and tested with the view on a fully operational infrastructure for emergency centres and national contact points. Only exercises prepared and conducted by an international organisation, like e.g. the INEX series, have the capability to then fully demonstrate the achievements of the MODEM components. MODEM has been deployed and set operational in Germany, Slovak Republic, Denmark, Belgium, Russia, Austria and candidate countries to install MODEM capability are Finland, Iceland, Netherlands. It is expected that the list will even grow as many countries and institutions have expressed their desire of participating in the demonstration activities scheduled within the EC project EURANOS within the the 6th EURATOM Framework Programme. Last but not least, MODEM is a robust data and information exchange technology that has potential of being used outside the European Union, namely to enable the US and Canada to exchange information in case of a nuclear or radiological emergency; however, its implementation requires a political commitment.