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Monitoring data and information exchange among decision support systems

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Optimising cross-boundary nuclear emergency management

The MODEM project, which was funded within the Euratom Research and Training Programme resulted in a prototype system for data and information exchange for nuclear and radiological emergency response.

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The introduction of computer based decision support systems in nuclear and radiological emergency management has considerably improved response in case of accidents. However, the need for efficient cross-boundary nuclear emergency management urged the MODEM project work to develop a communication tool that allows efficient data and information exchange. Extensive testing showed that the MODEM prototype was effective in the exchange of important information, such as notification, source term, meteorological data and decision support system key results. The import and export tools used for measurement data can be employed by the EUropean Radiological Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP) network. The latter is a network used by 28 European countries for the continuous exchange of data from their national radiological monitoring networks. The MODEM system employs a common source term format and the import/export tools for other national and international systems, such as RECASS, MODEM, ARGOS and RODOS. This offers significant enhancements in the comparability of the long-range calculations. Featuring redundant and decentralized proprietary web servers, the system allows automatic and easy update of procedures between these servers without increasing the needs for user interaction. This robust data and information exchange technology has already been deployed and operationally set in Germany, Slovak Republic, Denmark, Belgium, Russia and Austria. It is expected to become operational in more countries including Finland, Iceland and Netherlands as well as in participating institutions in the demonstration activities scheduled within the FP6 Euratom project EURANOS. The internationally accepted formats and protocols used offer increased potentialities for the MODEM technology to be also employed beyond the European Union boundaries.

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