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Integrated in situ corrosion test of alpha-active high-level waste glass - phase 2


Reprocessing of spent fuel yielded already more than 1, 150 cubic metres of COMEGAHLW glass. Geological disposal of vitrified waste is worldwide studied as a safe option. Long-term predictions of the glass performance are based on results from laboratory tests. Especially the public experiences these predictions as unreliable, "since derived from irrealistic labotory tests". In the proposed project, the reliability of the predictions will be evalued by confrontation with the results of an in situ corrosion test of alpha-active COMEGA HLW glass, performed in realistic conditions (temperature, gamma radiation, backfill materials). Three corrosion tubes will be operated. Both the global glass dissolution and the specific radionuclide release and migration will be measured. If in the situ results agree with the laboratory results, the in situ test will be a small scale demonstration test of the good of the COMAGA HLW glass.

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