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Development of the tools and interpretation techniques for ultrasonic surveys to monitor the rock barrier around radioactive waste packages


One of the key objectives of the call "NE-Fission Third Call" is "Development and testing of innovative techniques for (long-term) monitoring of the waste package, repository components and the geological environment". This proposal develops an innovative technique that has been used successfully in researching the structural condition of the rock barrier around deep underground laboratories for testing the feasibility of nuclear waste storage.

Ultrasonic surveys remotely examine the rock barrier around excavations, such as tunnels and canister deposition holes, through the transmission of elastic waves between a 3D array of sensors. This proposal aims to develop this technology towards an effective and robust tool for this purpose, and to further the understanding of how the full-wave for measurements map through to physical changes in the rock such as fracture and fluid content through Work Programme, 2.2: Safety of the Fuel Cycle.
The outcomes from the project are expected to be:
-A prototype acquisition tool (the 'probe') with integrated software that has been tested in the field;
-A suite of software that can be used in conjunction with the above tool to collect and visualise data collected by the tool. This software will also be used for processing data collected by the tool and for the visualisation of the results;
-The technology associated with the ultrasonic tool which can be adapted to other hardware configurations and products;
-A set of data collected in the laboratory providing the basis for empirical relationships between the ultrasonic properties of rock and measured engineering parameters such as stress, saturation, temperature etc;
-A set of results from numerical modelling using a dynamic wave propagation code. This will form the basis for the interpretation of results obtained form using the ultrasonic tool in situ.

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