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Workshop on clay microstructure, Lund, 2002


The international workshop on clay microstructure will be conducted for offering an opportunity for researchers and engineers to discuss and present conceptual and theoretical models of the performance of clays with respect to microstructural processes, like hydration and expansion of the interlamellar space of smectite stacks, gas penetration through dense bentonites, and diffuse transport of radionuclides through a soft or dense clay matrix. These issues are of particular importance to the understanding and assessment of the waste-isolating capacity of clay materials.

The purpose is to get assistance in financing the workshop on "Clay Microstructure and its importance to soil behaviour", taking place in Lund, Sweden, October 15-172002. The workshop is organized by Geo-development AB, Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management CO (SKB) and POSIVA Oy. It is a follow-up of an earlier workshop held in Lund on October 12-14, 1998. The 2002 workshop will deal with issues of particular importance to organizations and authorities engaged in safe disposal of hazardous, primarily radioactive waste. It provides sessions for deepening the understanding of mechanisms involved in penetration and diffuse transport of dissolved non-radioactive and radioactive species and of penetration of pressurized water and gas with special respect to microstructural features. A further issue of increasing importance is alteration of waste-isolation clay with time.

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Ideon Research Centre
223 70 Lund