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Migration and ethnic identity. The interaction of Turkish and Greek immigrants in Brussels


This proposal concerns the interaction of Turkish and Greek i migrants Brussels. The conception of this project is based on the hypothesis that there are cultural resemblances between the Turks and the Greeks, which result from their historical coexistence. It is argued that these common aspects are distorted after the construction of nationalism in Turkey and in Greece in the nineteenth century and they are disguised by the hostile political relations between the two countries. The aim of the project is to show how the interaction between the Turks and the Greeks change, when they coexist outside their national territories. Moreover, it will attempt to illuminate the ways in which their perceptions of self are influenced by their immigration experience. It will also examine the role that the European Community plays in the expression of their ethnic identities. This research project attempts to help the better understanding of inter-ethnic relations as they are expressed in a multicultural place such as Brussels.

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