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Geopolitische reprasentationen uber deutschland in deutschland und frankreich zwischen 1945/49 und 1989/94


It is the aim of my research project to analyse those geopolitical representations in Germany and France which concern themselves with Germany. The material I intend to work with consists of maps and texts in their original languages from the years of 1945-49, and 1989-94, respectively, which were adressed to an educated and politically interested audience. The notion of 'geopolitical representation' refers to current approaches of geopolitics as they are prevelant in France and Italy today Foucher, Korinman, Lacoste; the journals 'Herodote' and 'LiMes'). My study's central hypothesis is that there are definitive correlations between the way in which Germany is imagined as a territorial formation ('ensemble spatial'), on the one hand, and suggested strategies of domestic and foreign policies in the respective countries, on the other hand. Such correlations will be pointed out, solidified in the form of tables and maps, and discussed in terms of their discursive functions. Thus, in the course of my analysis, regional similarities/differences and temporal continuities/ruptures in a German-French comparison will become discernible.
By focusing on both the common ground and the divergencies in the geopolitical context, this study can offer a valuable contribution to the formulation of common European strategies in the fields of domestic and foreign policies.


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