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Soot formation in diffusion flames


I have previously studied soot formation in a counterflow diffusion flame under the direction of Professor A Linan as supervisor. In this particular case, we used the Burke-Schumann analysis and a simplified kinetic model for both combustion and soot formation to characterise the influence of the maximum flame temperature and the strain rate. In the new project we will address several categories of flame and we will focus our interest on the soot production. First we will choose another kinetic model but we will intend to extend the study with different models. We will take into account radiation and thermophoresis effects that occur when soot appears and change the soot production. The main goal of this project is to obtain simplified descriptions in the analysis of soot production. In this scheme, we will use asymptotic technique which theoretical results will be confronted to numerical results.
The study will at last consider the industrial aspects - burnace, fuel engine, jet engine - and also environment.

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