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Role of kinesins in the establishment of neuronal polarity

Exploitable results

Wind turbine: More of 200% plus power that another similar wind turbine. Low maintenance & easy construction (only 4 parts in rotor section). High longevity. Start up at wind velocities of 1m/s. Nominal output at wind velocities of 5m/s and higher. Nearly silent, even at high wind velocities. Does not require any cut-out mechanism. Can also power water pumps and mills, or else produce pure thermal energy. Do not have to be braked, not even during storm gusts. On the contrary: This produce nominal power even during storms. Description of the invention: An object of the present invention is to provide a wind turbine, slow but with great force, in which the vanes that interact with the fluid vein are provided with their own movement of turn of 90º around their extended axis. This makes take advantage of the effect drag the fluid on the vane that stays orthogonal to the wind during average return of the rotor, without preventing the return of the vane in other half of the route against the wind. Look drawings and animation at: