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Production of transgenic rice via electric discharge particle bombardement


The proposed project is aimed to train the applicant on gene transfer technology in plants. In particular, the main objective will be the acquisition of a sound experience in the electric discharge particle bombardment technique, first developed in the USA by the group of Dr. Paul Christou, now working at the John Innes Centre in Norwich. This methodology has given better results than any other in stable transformation of important crop species such as soybean, maize, rice and others. The project will focus on the application of particle bombardment to different Asian as well as Italian rice cultivars, to obtain transgenic plants; studies will be carried out on transformed plants and the R2 progeny, to analyze in details the molecular structure and organisation of transgenic loci. Such expertise will be transferred to Italian collaborators' laboratories, during the course of the project as well as at its conclusion.


BBSRC John Innes Centre
Norwich Research Park Colney
NR4 7UH Norwich
United Kingdom

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