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New methods for determining molecular conformation by solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy


The principle problem involved in the determination of molecular structural information by NMR spectroscopy is that of overcoming the extreme complexity of the spectra obtained from abundant spins. I propose to develop multi-dimensional solid state NMR techniques to simplify dramatically the spectrum. The techniques are based on proton detected dipolar local fields. Techniques of this kind are currently limited by the efficiency of multiple pulse homonuclear dipolar decoupling schemes, and I propose to introduce improved pulse sequences which will extend the use of these techniques to the accurate measurement of larger and larger internuclear distances, thereby allowing application to the determination of structural parameters in complex oriented phases such as liquid crystals and lipids. The proposed formalisms and techniques should also have implications for improving the sensitivity and resolution of solid state NMR through their application in other areas such as cross polarization and heteronuclear decoupling. The ideas presented represent a significant step towards the determination of molecular structures in solids by NMR.

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