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Design and test of the piafe fission source


Radioactive Ion Beams (RIB) are of increasing interest and importance, not only for nuclear physics, but also for astrophysics, nuclear chemistry and solid state physics.
PIAFE, the Grenoble project for radioactive ion beams, will be able to provide very intense - probably the most intense - beams of neutron-rich nuclei due to the unique combination of a high-flux reactor (ILL) and a heavy-ion accelerator (ISN), both aleady existing on adjacent sites. During my work on the PIAFE project in the last ten months, I was strongly involved in the design of the ion source.
The project "design and test of the PIASE fission sources aims at verifying important characteristics of the foreseen materials, as well as the expected behaviour of the complete source. Especially it must be proven that the source meets rigorous safety requirements, as it willbe located in a beam tube of the ILL reactor.
It is therefore planned to simulate the operating conditions of the source as closely as possible. The necessary equipment exists already at ILL and will be ready for use after some adaptions.

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