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Developments in the management of human resources in Austria and Sweden - cases from the banking and electronic industries


The aim of this study is to examine developments in the management of human resources in Austria and Sweden. Key research questions are: - what Human Resource Management (HRM) approaches are pursued by companies operating in Austria and Sweden?, -what outcomes in terms of employment growth do different HRM approaches pursued by companies in Austria and Sweden have?, -is EU membership leading to a destabilisation or shaking up of the Austrian or Swedish system of HRM? -is there any development towards a unitarist US type HRM in Austrian or Swedish companies?
The research consists of a secondary analysis of survey results, expert interviews and eight detailed case studies of human resource practises of banks and electronic companies.
On a practical level the results of the research project can give policy advise to Austrian and Swedish employers about the applicability of US HRM prescriptions and the viability of more traditional human resource approaches. EU policy makers will get insights into the way European integration affects human resource management practises, as well as possible links between HRM practises and employment levels. In addition, the results will contribute to the academic debate about the convergence or divergence of human resource practises in Europe as well as the suitability of American management concepts for companies operating in Europe.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


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