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Safety critical knowledge-based decision support systems


What is the research question? The main aim of this project is to develop techniques for ensuring the safe operation of Knowledge-Based Decision Support Systems (KBS/DSS) in contexts where such safe operation is critical for their functioning. These techniques will be taken from existing technologies in both areas (Knowledge-Based Decision Support and safety-critical engineering). The result will be directly applied in a significant safety-critical application in the domain of cancer treatment protocol management.
How will we answer the question
1. Exploit existing techniques from safety-engineering, in particular a specific decision-making model (DOMINO -Das et al., 1995-), and a technique for dealing with upforeseeable hazards based on the notion of safety axioms (Hammond et al., 1994).
2. Integrate these techniques in an established KBS development method (Schreiber et al., 1993)
3. Use the results of 1-2 to build an application in a safety-critical domain (cancer treatment protocol management).
Concluding : Funding this project is useful because:
- it will greatly improve practical usefulness of existing methods for building KBS/DSS
- it will extend the scope of existing methods for engineering safety-critical system.

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