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Metric properties of milnor fibers of isolated singularities of hypersurfaces


Around 1988 Teissier gave a description of the (multiscale) concentration of the curvature of the Milnor fiber f (Xo,...,Xn) = A of an isolated critical point of a complex analytic function f, as A -> O, in the case of plane branches. This metric phenomenon is governed entirely by the Puiseux exponent of the branch, and in turn allows one to recover the topological type of the branch from the multiscale analysis of the concentration of curvature.
My research work is to extend this to the case of reducible plane curves, to connect explicitely the curvature concentration phenomenon to the embedded resolution diagram of the curve and with other aspects of the singularity theory of curves. This type of explicit relation between metric and topological aspects of singularity theory, and especially the dynamics, seems innovative and fruitful.
The expected outcome is a much better understanding of the geometry of Milnor fibers and morsifications, in relation to the topology of the special fiber and also to its resolution of singularities.

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