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Development and application of solid-state nmr methods for the investigation of molecular structure


Solid-state NMR is a powerful method for investigating molecular conformation and geometry in large molecular systems. My Ph.D. work in the group of Malcolm Levitt will focus on the development of NMR techniques for the investigation of molecular structure. The use of magic-angle spinning together with dipolar recoupling schemes reactivates the magnetic couplings between neighbouring nuclear spins. In contrast to liquid-state NMR the full tensorial nature of spin-spin interactions is manifested in solid-state NMR. The optimization of the dipolar recoupling schemes for measuring bond angles instead of distances will be one part of my Ph.D. project. The other part will be the application of the developed techniques to the membrane protein rhodopsin, in order to investigate its conformation. This would involve participating in an ongoing collaboration between Malcolm Levitt's group and groups in Leiden and Oxford.

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