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Contenu archivé le 2024-05-14

Growth and characterization of magnetic quantum wires


The group of Pr Miranda is internationally known for his research of the relationship between growth and magnetic properties of epitaxial films grown by MBE with techniques like LEED, AES, STM for characterization in situ. The magnetic films and multilayers have revealed very interesting properties like oscillating exchange coupling and Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR). Now a challenge for new properties is the reduction of lateral dimensions.
This is the objective of the project by using electrodeposition to deposit magnetic wires of Co and Fe on appropriate stepped substrates by Under Potential Deposition and characterize them by a suitable combination of surface sensitive techniques (STM, videoLEED, AES etc). Depositing quasi 1 D magnetic materials by electrochemicals methods is important both from a fundamental point of view (modes of growth during electrodeposition, 1D magnetic order, lateral magnetic coupling etc) and for application. The main part of the work will involve the preparation using electrochemical methods and characterization of magnetic wires by STM and LEED to decorate only the step of an appropriate substrate.

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