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Search for ms neutral higgs bosons with the Delphi detector at Lepii


The objective of this project is to look for neutral MSSM Higgs bosons using the DELPHI detector in the LEPII accelerator at CERN. Since June 1996 LEP will produce data at a center of mass energy increased from 91.2 to 161 GeV (with further upgrades up to 205 GeV) which will allow to extend the search of these particles -with present lower mass limits at 95% CL of mh > 45.4 GeV/c2 and mA > 45.2 GeV/c2- to higher masses (up to 100 GeV/c2 for certain choice l of MSSM parameters)
Pair production of hA Higgs bosons give a final 4b jet topology. B jets will be tagged using the new extended 3D microvertex detector and their mass reconstructed using the improved hermeticity | capability of DELPHI. Candidates will be studied in greater detail using 3D graphical scanning techniques.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This work will be made amongst first line experts in MSSM Higgses as well as in b-tagging and | mass reconstruction techniques. This experience could be transferred back to the origin laboratory in Spain. The results of this project will determine the feasibility of the MSSM theory, either excluding a big | fraction of the parameter range or giving a big step forward in the understanding of nature, should the existence of these particles be confirmed.

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