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A new generation of transition metal catalysts, the bulky allyls


Research objectives and content
The production of olefins is a giant industry. The first plant (Exxon, U.S.A. 1991) using cyclopentadienylmetal catalysts opened a new chapter in the plastics industry. Homogeneous catalysis, using Cp-based Ti or Zr complexes is now important in polymer technology. Few alternatives to Cp-ligand types have generated active catalysts.
We shall build on recent work (Lappert, et al.) on (i) zirconium (IV) complexes with non Cp-ligands (1)- to (3)- which are promising catalysts, and (ii) the bulky allyl (n3R'CHCHCHR')- (R'=SiMe2But), (4)-, which, remarkably, provided stable (Fe(4)2) and (C0(4)2) catalysts. We shall extend the use of (4)- to group 4 dr (M) and 4fn (Ln) metal complexes. We intend to seek to explore the potential of the as yet unknown ligand (Me2Si(CHCHCHR')2)2- (5)2-, by first synthesising and characterising Li2(5) and thence ansa-bis(allyls) of M (= Ti, Zr or Hf) and Ln. Finally, we shall explore the role of the new M and Ln allyls and ansabis(allyls) as catalysts, which we expect to be highly active for uniform-site x-olefin polyrnerisation.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The objetive is to develop exciting new chemistry which will broaden my experience and acquire fresh knowledge in new areas. It will improve my standing for a future career in my Spanish university and give me the opportunity to work in another country. The results may well have an industrial impact.
Links with relevance / industrial relevance (22)
A part of the research will be supported and in part be carried out in collaboration with BASF (Ludwigshafen). Furtherrnore, Prof. Lappert has good relations with other companies such as Dow Corning Ltd (UK) and FMC Corporation (UK).

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