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Resistance in change in Management Consulting


Research objectives and content

The proposed study acknowledges that global economic competition has created an increasingly change oriented social and economical environment. In order to facilitate European regional competitiveness it focuses on the need to understand resistance to change. This understanding is believed to facilitate change implementations. The objectives of understanding resistance to change and facilitating change implementations are intended to be achieved by, detailed exploration, evaluation, and systematisation of relevant established psychological theories. Further, the concepts out resistance to change applied by professional change management consultants will be studied and compared to established theories. Thus, the evaluation of established theories would be complimented by the possibility of the emergent of new theories. The research design of the proposed study is a combined qualitative and quantitative approach. In-depth interviews and participant observation among change management consultants are utilised for theory exploration. A comprehensive survey study provides an evaluation of these theories with scientific rigor.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

The training aspects of the proposed work are numerous. Two of those aspects are central. First, it will allow me a detailed familiarisation with methods of qualitative data collection and analysis, and second, provides me with the experience of conducting a large-scale survey study. The co-operation and supervision of the Methodology Institute at the LSE will enable an effective utilisation of these aspects.

Further, the Social and Organisational Psychology Research Group which hosts the proposed work offers an advanced academic training through close and attentive supervision.

Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)

The Social and Organisational Psychology Research Group of the LSE has established links with the consulting industry. Access to experienced consultants and co-operation in the distribution of questionnaires has been affirmed by a series of relevant companies.

Call for proposal

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