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Development of a multi-processor computer form in the data acquisition system of the hera-b experiment to measure cp violation in the b system at hera


Research objectives and content
The applicant proposes to join for two years the HERA-B experiment, a beam target experiment currently under construction at the DESY storage ring HERA. HERA-B, which should go into operation in 1999, will be used mainly to investigate the violation of CP symmetry in B-meson systems produced by the collision of the proton beam with an internal wire target. The candidate will join the DESY group of HERA-B to participate in the working programme of the group, which includes hardware work to build the detector and software work for the analysis of the data. Specifically, he will center his activities in the triggering and data acquisition system, which must cope with more than half a million de- tector channels, a 40 MHz interaction rate, and a signal to background ratio of 10-1r. A highly selective multi-level trigger and a high bandwidth data acquisition system based on a multi-processor computer farm has been designed and has to be implemented. The implementation, control and monitoring of a total of 400 processors in a distributed network system has never been implemented atthis scale.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
Spain is a country with little tradition in experimental High Energy Physics. Facilities and equipment to perform this kind of research are very limited. In order to carry out a successful research work, a long stay in the laboratory where the experiment is taking place is mandatory. The objective of the project is to col- laborate in the successful implementation of the triggering and data acquisition system of HERA-B, an essential element of the experiment for measuring CP violation. HERA-B will be a development platform and will implement most of the technology required for future B experiments being planned for the LHC at CERN. These experiments will be facing comparable conditions and are proposing to build systems topologically similar to that of HERA-B.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The industrial relevance of this kind of experiments is in accordance with the ge- neral spirit of the substantial relation DESY-industry. The development of more and more sophisticated detectors and electronic components for fast data taking implies the generation of new technologies and an important impact in Industry.

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