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Organisational Learning - A Study of Learning Facilitating and Inhibiting Factors in cross-unit Organisational Learning


Research objectives and content

The goal of the research project is to develop an understanding of interplant/cross-unit organisational learning. Organisational learning is a metaphor for the process by which individual experience and knowledge is made common among the member's of an organisation resulting in changes of organisational goals and actions. Since many organisations face difficulties to manage this process on the interplant/cross-unit level an investigation of the underlying processes could help a lot of them to improve their performance. The first major step of the research project therefore will be a study of the informal and formal social interaction, e.g. training sessions, internal fairs, sport activities, and other non-business related activities, in organisations which face the problem of getting information, experience, and knowledge across organisational-unit boundaries. This involves the identification and assessment of all possible forms and stages of interaction among organisational units, which will allow for organisational learning or an increased likelihood for organisational learning and the prerequisites for learning activities. In second major step the empirical findings shall then be tested in an l-situation, to specify the relations between different types of interaction. The thesis shall document the process and the findings of the study for further use in theory and practice.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

The training will provide me with a greater foundation in terms of theories related to the subject and thorough research methods, e.g. the formulation of models and appropriate ways of testing them. This will complete my former education in business management since it has been broader and less deep in respect to the study which I am planning to undertake.

Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)

The relevance to the "industry" but also to community life is implied in the chosen topic. Many Companies, state-run organisations, and not-for-profit organisations face the problem, which is addressed in this study.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


London Business School
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United Kingdom