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The PHEBUS laser facility is located near Paris at the Centre d'Etudes de Limeil-Valenton (CEL- V) of the French Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique. This 2-beam Nd-glass laser, the most powerfull in Europe, the third in the world can deliver on target 9 kJ at 0,53 mu m and 7 kJ at 0,35 mu m for 1,4 ns pulse duration. A third beam is available with I kJ energy at 1,05 mu m tor the X-ray diagnostic of the plasma created by the main beams. The beams can be smoothed and/or have a width spectrum. The experimental area is fully equiped with all kinds of measuring instruments for plasma diagnostics IR to Xray calorimetry, spectroscopy, imaging and streak cameras with spatial, temporal, spectral resolutions; also available neutron diagnostics and imaging, radiochemistry. If necessary special diagnostics can be designed, existing diagnostics adapted.
PHEBUS can be used for various kinds of experiments: energy absorption, X-ray conversion. X-ray laser, parametric and Raleigh-Taylor instabilities, atomic physic, plasma spectroscopy. implosion experiments...
The guest physicists have the assistance of the whole physical and technical team of the CEL-V for laser, plasma diagnostic, target, data acquisition and processing. Offices are at their disposal and they can use the logistic facilities of the CEL-V restaurant, bus...

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Centre d'Etudes de Limeil-Valenton
94195 Villeneuve-Saint-Georges

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