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Wetland ecology and technology


WET will offer vacancies to young post-doc researchers. They will be agricultural areas - are a subject of general public concern but neither trained in the research of WET by basic integrative activities, by general guidelines nor an evaluation system of the results are presently practical activities in cooperation with the staff of the respective available.
hosting team, and by participation in intensive theoretical and practical courses.
The joint research project WET aims at the development of such general guidelines and evaluation tools by the following objectives: Subjects of the courses will cover a wide range of expertise in the field of wetland research including: Ecological Modelling, Ecotechnology, A) Monitoring of natural wetland ecosystems,
B) Modelling of natural wetland ecosystems, and
Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Nutrient Cycling, Application and Use of a C) Designing reconstruction and management of wetland systems. A general Geographical Information System (GIS), Wetland Design, Wetland Management. conceptual framework model will be elaborated based on management targets such as maximising pollution abatement in the surface water and protection /restoration of valuable wild life.
The WET network will provide scientifically supported guidelines for wetland reconstruction and management indicating location and design of the appropriate wetland for a proposed management target.

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