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Handling and assembly of functionally adapted microcomponents


As the best training is training by doing, all young visiting researchers. It is important that the European industry recognizes the challenge and adjusts to the production of microsystems. In order to bring MEMS into real will be involved in the special research tasks the visited institute or company is working on industrial application, it is necessary to produce reliable and cheap products research groups and will be enabled to meet the leading scientists in the microtechnology domain. Additionally to the research work itself thematic of handling and assembly of microcomponents (HAM), it is necessary to carry out the work in the proposed network consisting of they will learn by listening and accompanying daily discussions of the work groups. Work visits will open new aspects for finding European leading institutions a European research-staff and help commercialisation of MEMS which interdisciplinar approaches to new problems. The young researchers journals will be of benefit for European industry (in time with actual achievements and competitive to other) microelements of integration. Those objectives are to be carried out in following tasks:- Adaptation of positioning stages- Automation of handling and assembly process- Combining of different technologies in one fabrication process- Joining techniques in microtechnics structures during and after HAM

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