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Nucleosome dynamics and gene regulation


Research done under the proposed Network will rely entirely on scientist The central objective of this Network is to understand, at the molecular early in their careers such as young postdoctoral researchers, graduate and level, how the packaging of DNA into chromatin regulates gene expression in eukaryotes.
summer students. Each Network partner heads an established team in an internationally recognised research institute. The seminar programmes in nucleosome structure that are brought about by the site-specific posttranslational acetylation of histones and the ill-defined "remodelling" these laboratories, the wide range of experimental approaches employed, the action of molecular machines. The influence of selected non-histone intense communi- cation between teams and annual Network "mini-symposia" chromatin proteins, such as histone Hi, HMG1 and the Polycomb complex on makes the proposed Network and ideal training environment for young scientists. Network partners will also engage in joint teaching about the the dynamic behaviour of nucleosomal arrays will be another focus of research. We will study the influence of particular nucleosome Network topic and methodology in an "Ateliers Inserm", which includes configurations on the transcriptional regulation of two suitable model offers of internships in Network laboratories to interested students. promoters in vivo and in cell-free systems. For comparison we will analyse the requirements for efficient repair of single lesions in chromatin. In parallel we will define structural and functional chromatin domains in intact cells during development through their histone acetylation patterns and their association with Hi and HMG1.
modifying activities, such as enzymes that determine the histone acetylation status and with the mechanisms underlying the
transitions in nucleosome structure leading to increased accessibility of DNA and the facilitated interaction of the transcription and repair

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