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Performance management of commercial parallel database systems


The objective of the project is to promote the wider use of parallel database systems by helping the user to visualise and understand the way workloads are handled by particular parallel systems and configurations.

The project will develop tools to analyse performance and thereby aid the sizing and configuration of commercial systems. These tools will predict the performance of a particular configuration under a specific workload, analyse and display information to highlight bottlenecks and assist the tuning of a particular configuration for a specific workload. The tools to be developed encapsulate knowledge about the database management system and parallel platform to be analysed. These tools will initially support models of the GoldRush, SP2 and nCUBE parallel machines and of the ORACLE and INFORMIX database management systems. A common and easily-used graphical will be developed which will help determine the most efficient overall configuration. This will also provide support for the calibration and validation of the tools which will be done by reference to real commercial workloads giving the project feedback on the applicability of its developments. Results from the project will be used initially by the partners in their daily business.

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