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Strategic topics in the engineering of public services


The STEPS Project is aimed at determining a dramatic improvement of the capability of the European Public Administrations, in particular of the Regional Government, to face the growing responsibilities and challenges, and to better meet the citizen demand, especially as far as the public services provision and delivery is concerned. In particular, a user-centred approach coupled with efficiency and simplification in the administrative procedures and iter will be established.

The main objectives of the project are:
- to achieve public services efficiency and effectiveness, pursuing for simplification of administrative procedure;
- to promote public administration internal transparency, and allow citizens/enterprises access to administrative acts and decisions;
- to implement better services to citizens, professional categories, enterprises, etc;
- to specifically address the labour market services, reducing unemployment and maximising employment opportunities.

The Project will be engaged in re-engineering key processes within the Regional Administration, and namely:
- the Public Employment Service process and the related information delivery to both citizens and enterprises (Catalonia - Spain). The reengineering of this process to better match between labour supply and demand through closer liaison with undertakings and local markets is felt as essential to improve and extend access to the labour market, and make Catalan companies more competitive in the National and European arena;
- and, to a smaller extent and scale, the procurement process (Umbria - Italy), which is considered crucial to promote a new relation with citizens, enterprises, organisations, etc.

These processes are cross-functional by nature, and their output represents significant value for users (citizens, enterprises, professional categories, associations, etc.).

The two Regional Administrations will adopt a common STEPS approach and methodology to re-engineer their processes, exchanging the resulting best practices, and, therefore resulting into higher impact on the organisation and provision of public services in Europe. Extension and promotion of STEPS results to other European Administrations will be reached in the project time frame through the STEPS User Group, which gathers administrations from other member states.

The main project results will include:

Organisational System
- definition of the new organisational models;
- standard scheme of administrative procedures for the involved sectors;
- definition of a programme to reorganise the administrative procedures

Human Resources
- definition of a training programme based on the new organisational model;
- start-up of training activity on a limited scale;

Information System
- introduction of automated management of protocol procedure and public management with regards to the work of public Employment Service process (Catalonia);
- design and development of an integration/interoperability platform among the different public actors involved in the project;

Services to citizens
- enlarge the access to labour market through reengineering of the Public Employment Service process;
- establish a new relation with the public through the reengineering of the Procurement process pilot.

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