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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Text retrieval and enrichment for vital information


The project aims at offering a solution to the problem of " information overflow", i.e. the difficulty experienced both by large companies and SME's in extracting useful information from large amounts of data coming from the numerous electronic textual information services available at local or global level (Internet, proprietary networks, subscription services, World Wide Web, and more).

The key result of TREVI will be a set of software tools (the TREVI Toolkit) representing a substantial improvement in the management of distributed textual information sources. The TREVI Toolkit will not rely on simple text-based search tools; it will rather combine concept-based search and active data mining techniques to enrich online input test streams by providing indexing, abstraction, smart correlation with data and knowledge sources, compilation into electronic publication formats and subscription capability on the results through communication services (for example, HTML documents servers on WWW).

From the technical point of view, the success of TREVI will be measured by the consortium's ability to create a prototype system combining state-of-the-art linguistic tools with new advances in electronic publishing and information gathering and filtering, which will be easily turned into a set of marketable products featuring a substantial, world-wide customer base. The TREVI prototype will provide exploitation possibilities both as a full package (the TREVI Toolkit) industrialised and marketed by ITACA, and as individual software tools to be marketed by the developing partners.

From the users' standpoint, success will be checked against actual improvements in the partners' business activities. These will be achieved by building TREVI-based demonstrator systems providing :
- steady, effective access to all relevant business information related to actual news events, such as import/export, travel, telesales, finance, transportation and logistics;
- more efficient management of substantial electronic document traffic and correlation of text items with each other (for example, memos with company procedures).

The work will be approached starting from a market understanding based on actual user requirements. The project is driven by a consortium of software development enterprises and users needing to heavily exploit information technology to retain their competitiveness in the evolving market. Users partners are all involved in business areas, ranging from medicine to the information service industry, which deserve fast and efficient management of large amounts of textual information. They will provide demonstrators based on their own business cases, which will permit to test the effectiveness of the basic concepts and to show the flexibility of the TREVI toolkit architecture in real-world, critical scenarios.

The exploitation of the TREVI results will be mainly targeted at the business-to-business environment. Adaptation and customisation of the TREVI toolkit will allow TREVI customers to deliver several services either to SME's or individuals via public networks, or in "private" environments, i.e. integrated with internal communication systems within a large corporation. TREVI results will be particularly relevant for two categories of customers :
- Information providers, information brokers, services providers, distributing and delivering services to individual end-users (subscribers) and SME's.
- Large corporations, who can use TREVI as an enriched retrieval and dissemination product for knowledge which, at least partially, will be internal and confidential within that organisation. They will have to use external service providers eventually, but will be capable of implementing and supporting their own system and their own use of TREVI.

Consumers for TREVI service may therefore include multinational corporations, bank, governments, media, telecommunications companies and new publishers (television, radio, press).

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