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Nonlinear structures in turbulent transport plasmas and methods of control


The main objective of the project is to contribute to the understanding of turbulent transport in fusion and space plasmas. Aspects of nonlinear structures in electrostatic turbulence and turbulent transport will be studied in a specialised toroidal plasma device. Several plasma and magnetic field configurations can be obtained in such a device, in order to isolate and study the appearance and the nonlinear development of instabilities that affect cross-field transport of particles and energy. The plasma parameters will be kept in a range that allows a complete characterisation of the phenomena related to turbulent transport. Diagnostics techniques based on internal magnetic probes, passive optical spectra detection, electrostatic probes and energy analysers will be employed for magnetic field reconstruction and for electron dynamics.

Active optical methods such as laser induced fluorescence will be applied to determine the ion response. Comparisons with theory results and numerical models will be performed in collaboration with various theory groups within and outside CRPP. There will be involvement in the design of the machine and of the special diagnostic systems that will be used. The project will require expertise in theoretical and experimental plasma physics, optics and electronics, data analysis techniques, as well as some familiarity with plasma computer codes along with the relevant mathematics. At the conclusion of the project the experience in all these fields will be enhanced and a solid grounding in the technology and methods of plasma diagnostics will have been gained. The host will benefit from the fellows involvement. The fellow will be able to contribute to the local knowledge and expertise at the institution, initially with his current expertise and then as the project progresses, the new skills developed. These have been pointed out above.

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