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Advanced machining systems for environmentally friendly manufacturing (ECOSYSTEMS)


Specifications of new cutting materials were defined. Three new carbide grades (DK470UF, DK500UF, DK255F) were developed and successfully tested. Final demonstrator drills were made of carbide grade DK255F. A further result regarding the Eco-Impact of cobalt is the reduction of cobalt consumption by 20% in the new carbide grade DK255F compared to reference carbide grade DK460UF. Reference tools have been produced and delivered to the partners for reference tests. Preliminary tests in drilling, tapping and reaming have been carried out in GG25, GGG40 and AlSi9Cu3, measuring wear, built-up edge volume, diameter deviations, surface roughness, thrust and torque. New point geometries led to better results using MQL-machining. Additional tests with thermo and high speed cameras showed the need for an internal air / MQL supply for constant chip evacuation. Selected coatings were successful in reducing wear and built-up edge volume. Investigations of the geometry of interface tool / spindle lead to a new shank and chuck design minimising oil accumulation and leakage. Based on the achieved results, Gühring applied for a number of patents covering: MQL chuck, MQL adjustment screw, MQL drill shank.