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Probabilistic approach for predicting life cycle costs and performance of buildings and civil infrastructure


Development of a Cost Database to enable cost data to be collected in a standard format. This Database was used as questionnaire for collecting cost construction data and Future Cost Data, related with the case studies undertaken by the partners.
A database has been created to collect information on life expectancies of building components. Its structure has been designed to collect information based on ISO 15686 principles and stores information such as failure modes and factors to consider when assessing the service life of a building component. Its use is closely linked to the performance models developed in models for predicting rates of deterioration for a range of building components and materials and definitions of levels of deterioration at which intervention is required.
A "decision map" of the design process relating to the construction sector has been developed. The purpose of this map is to provide a framework to link data and information on whole life costing, deterioration and environmental issues in order to provide life predictions on a probabilistic basis. The concept is that of a process map which treats design as a sequential linear process along the time axis and indicates the issues/stages where decisions are made, and the relevant data and information needed, in relation to whole life performance.
A typical Cost Data Database using the UNICLASS system as a default. This Database will give the user the possibility to introduce their own classification system or use a classification used in Tender Documents. The Database can collect both initial and future costs.