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Development of a process for the manufacture of high performance, near net shape orthopaedic prostheses.


Current generation Cobalt Chrome prostheses are limited in performance by the shortcomings of the investment casting process. By employing navel computer simulation, pre-forming and encapsulation techniques in conjunction with Hot Isocratic Pressing and powder metallurgy it will be possible to significantly enhance the performance of artificial implants beyond the current state of the art . A 70% increase in strength, improved repeatability / complexity will permit reduction in overall implant size, extend revision periods and lower patient trauma, particularly in high load, low volume skeletal regions. The project objectives therefore to develop a system which allows the economic, near net shape, production of these high performance implants. Work will focus on new forming processes and prediction / characterisation technologies needed to produce these components along with mechanical / clinical tests needed to gain approval from the relevant medical bodies.

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