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Innovative assembling process for manufacturing of miniaturised devices in dissimilar materials


Nowadays, the tendency is in the miniaturisation of electronic devices and medical instruments in order to improve the portability or to develop news products / services. These products' manufacturing implies joining of ceramics or plastics to metal components. The current processes to join dissimilar materials are furnace brazing for ceramic to metal joining and adhesive bonding for ceramic and plastic to metal joining. But, these processes are adapted to large components joining. Therefore, the aim of the project is to develop an innovative industrial process of laser brazing allowing the joining of miniaturised components made of dissimilar materials (material 1: plastic or ceramic, material 2: metal), since today no method is available to join miniaturised components. Lasers' use will make possible to very locally heat the joint section; causing minimal damage to the base materials and so, to manufacture new bi-materials miniaturised components.

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