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Advanced Technology to optimise Maritime operational Safety - Intelligent Vessel

Exploitable results

The concept is based on the use of a data-collecting unit (VDR) installed on board to collect and deliver necessary data to the Maritime Black Box equipment. On board decisions and actions (including verbal commands) by the ship officers will be recorded providing the Coastal Member States with a continuous monitoring facility that will foster maritime safety in European waters. The system builds on current standards and is connectable with existing on board standard systems. This will result in a low cost solution for ship owners when such equipment is made obligatory. This type of approach has the advantage of providing an immediately available tool to support positive policy measures and that would be both seen and felt by the shipping professionals and the public within an acceptable timeframe. Entities who have shown an interest in marketing the interface include a satellite operator and a manufacturer. Developed and tried in several pilot projects, we own the know-how and documentation of the system and software needed to start-up an industrial project. This is not another new piece of equipment to be stuck somewhere on the bridge. It is a cost-effective solution to bring ships up to date with new legislation making the most use of their existing equipment.