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Content archived on 2024-05-23

Improved Frontal Impact Protection through a World Frontal Impact Dummy


Frontal collisions produce the highest frequency is fatalities and injuries in road accidents, the costs to the European Society alone being more than 160 billion EUROs each year. Even though the European Frontal Directive became effective only recently, further research is required to better assess the protection offered to car occupants in frontal impacts. An important motive for this is found in the current Hybrid-III crash test dummy that has shown important deficiencies in human likeness and injury assessment capabilities. The general objective of this project is to contribute to reduction of the amount of injured and death car occupants in frontal collisions through the development of a frontal impact dummy prototype (FID) that meets currents day needs. This dummy will have realistic behaviour and injury indicating measurements, durability and repeatability, all based on the latest biomechanical and accidentological information collected or generated in the project.
1) Identification of the principal occupant injuries in frontal impact car crashes and the injuries for which a legislative frontal dummy should have the capability to measure injury risk;
2) New biomechanical data;
3) Set of requirements for frontal impact dummies, consisting of at least biofidelity requirements for all important body parts, repeatability, durability and anthropometry requirements based on the most recent biomechanical data;
4) Review and revise (where appropriate) injury assessment values for a legislative frontal impact dummy;
5) A prototype instrumented frontal impact dummy (THOR-FT), 50th percentile male, fulfilling the requirements defined within the project and suitable for inclusion in the Frontal Directive as successor of the Hybrid-III dummy;
6) A computer model of the THOR-alpha dummy (CAD/CAE purposes).

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