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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Model based initial and basic ship design (MOBISHIP)


Shipyards have performed user requirement specifications for the development of an interactive, integrated flexible and concurrent 3D data model and management system for concept, initial and basic design split into spaces definition, hull and relevant systems with specific attention also to transfer information to linked task activities up to the shop drawing design completion. On the basis of the proposed three alternative solutions developed by software vendors, Yards have described the integrated MOBISHIP 3D model procedure for initial and basic design that includes a database capable for interactive and flexible model management. The solution must be able to integrate the data management of the various applications and link the concept; initial and basic design phases with a logical transition from a statistical model to a discrete model. Future application: Project conclusions have showed the possibility of further implementing of design tools, by software Vendors for a better ship design process configuration and management based on the outcome of existing and available experiences inside Shipyards and vendors organisations. Consequently user requirement specification defined by the shipyards within the consortium will form the basis for the next generation of 3D concept, initial and basic design system to be realised within next years. Thus the chances of European shipbuilding industry will improve in order to compete with the low labour cost countries as far as advanced information technology applied in the design phase will allow to develop, analyse and simulate the products before the actual production. In conclusion the competitiveness of the end-users will be maximised when the advanced 3D design methods will be completed and successfully implemented.
Software Vendors, Napa, Sener and Tribon, have described three alternative solutions for the initial/basic design activities capable of meeting the user requirement specifications, based on the practical testing of existing software. The description of the practical solutions has been carried out by software vendors during the whole project. Each of them has independently investigated the procedures and the requirement defined in the preceding work packages and developed their own solutions. The implementation of the results of the project will be reached by the Vendors, by updating and improving current existing software or developing new ones in order to have a complete interactive 3D model and management design software tools on the basis of the defined capabilities required in concept, initial and basic design procedures. Large Shipyards are potential end-users of the results and the best insurance for dissemination is the involvement of almost all major European shipbuilding companies into the project. Vendors user meetings, international meetings and shipbuilding congresses will be acquainted with the project results. Sales and marketing campaign will be also planned having as target both present customers and potential new customers, approached in sales and marketing efforts. At the end of the project Partners have stressed the availability of a further development in co-operation with Shipyards, Vendors and Class Societies in terms of a new integrated 3D tools with the possibility of implementing concurrent multi-site software also within the next 6th Framework EU Programme.

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