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Full barrel composite fuselage


The FUBACOMP project aims to improve operational efficiencies in the small civil/business/tilt rotor/helicopter sectors by:
1) Increased fuel economy through reduced airframe mass as a result of the introduction of full barrel composite fuselage components.
2) Reduced lifecycle costs through improved fatigue performance versus metallic structure, reduced routine inspection and minimal parts inventory.

The Fibre Placement automated composite process and an associated design will deliver a unitised structure eliminating most of the mechanical joints further improving the composite benefits. The primary project aims are to: Evaluate unique structural concepts for fully integrated composite barrel structure, develop a European capability in Fibre Placement and associated engineering knowledge validating the technology by the testing of a small diameter section (the first of its kind to be manufactured in Europe), and the creation of potential market opportunities for European suppliers.

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Warton aerodrome
PR4 1AX Preston
United Kingdom

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