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Content archived on 2024-05-27

New increased temperature capability thermal barrier coatings


The aim of this project is to develop a thermal barrier coating (TBC) system for hot section components of gas turbines (GT) with a 50°C minimum increase in operating temperature over the current state of the art coating (7-8% Y203 partially stabilised ZrO2, YSZ) thereby maintaining the good material properties of YSZ. This will allow higher turbine entry temperatures, and, hence, more efficient GT engines with reduced fuel consumption and fewer harmful emissions. The possibility of compositional and morphological changes to the existing TBC system will be investigated, as well as, new coating compositions based on other than ZrO2. Standard production techniques will be employed for coating deposition. Initially, a total of twenty different systems will be screened w.r.t. their most critical properties (i.e. phase stability and sintering resistance). After a thorough assessment of screening test results in reference to project objectives six systems will be selected for processing in industrial equipment and further evaluation. The performance of the TBCs will be experimentally quantified and described by theoretical means and benchmarked with reference systems. All evaluations will include virgin and aged samples. The best coating systems will be tested and ranked in service.

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