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Tissue engineered bone formation, substitution and regeneration: application of porous calcium phosphate scaffold materials and growth factors.


The demand for Bone Graft Materials (BGM) has been increasing steadily in recent years particularly in orthopedic, dental, maxillo-facial and neurosurgery where there is a need to replace missing bone and enhance bone formation. Currently, bone autograft is the golden standard. Due to limited amounts it can only be used in cases of small defects. The harvesting procedure poses substantial risks for long term pain and discomfort with a risk of infection and nerve lesion. Alternatives such as bone alllografts are associated with risks of transferring blood borne diseases, e.g. HIV and various kinds of hepatitis. There are also problems with donor matching, storage and high costs of manufacturing. In the light of these factors, the use of Synthetic Bone Graft Materials (SBGM) is very attractive. There is particular interest in developing engineered SBGM which can be used as scaffolds for seeding cells and transplanted back in the body. This can enhance fixation and integration of the implant by encouraging bone in-growth and provide a viable alternative for load-bearing and non load-bearing osseous defects such as joints and maxillo-facial reconstruction.

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