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Weld strength for high temperature components design and operation


The present design rules for high temperature plant are based on the creep rupture strength of the base material. Frequently failure of components in service occurs at the welds, often in times shorter than anticipated by the design rules. To improve the operational performance of new and existing plant there are clear technical needs to incorporating the effect of welds in the design and to account for this effect in life and failure assessment procedures. This project will make a study of the design and performance requirements of welds, bringing together comprehensive reviews of weld performance in service, research experience of weld properties and a validation test programme on different types of ferritic, martensitic and dissimilar metal welds, typical of those used in high temperature plants. The test programme has been designed to provide the required stress rupture and creep deformation design data on standard laboratory specimens for correlation with data from multi axial feature tests. A continuum damage mechanics approach using FE will be used to analyse the welds.

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