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Calibration and testing for the evaluation of plywood glue bond performance in accordance with en 314-1 and en 314-2


This project responds to the dedicated call Topic 1.8 in support to the EU policy relating to the CPD, mandate M/113,CEN/TC 112, EC 5 and Notified Bodies SG 20. Each of the objectives described in the call is addressed and will result in the development of a PC-based training and calibration system for plywood glue-bond performance according to EN 314-1/2.The principal objectives are to produce:
- A prototype of an image system including output interfacing with a PC database system taking into account a range of plywoods - wood species and glue types
- A database user programme including factory and training/statistic user programmes for the ongoing updating of personnel involved in evaluation of wood fiber failure.
- A uniform registration system for records with regard to parameters required in EN standards.
- Harmonised procedures and guidelines for the practical use of the system
- in internal control situations for internal training and 'Round Robin'.
- in external control situations for 'Round Robin' between laboratories and between control body and factory.
- CD and manual for the image system and database system, including final exploitation and marketing plan
The outcomes of the project are presented in the final report of the project. The principal outcomes are highlighted as follows:
(WP1) PC system: image methods, systems and software. Auto evaluation system for wood fibre failure percentage (WFF): PlyWoodFail. It consists of - Software for the automatic inspection of shear failure surface and image analysis of wood fibre percentage. - Suitable hardware identified: standard PC/Windows office computer, office scanner. - Specific sample holder for scanning process.
(WP2) PC system: database software and input Database software for plywood internal factory and external accredited laboratory quality controls, and operator training: PlyBond. It consists of: - factory module - training module.
(WP3) Characterisation of wood fibre failure Database for wood fibre failure percentage for a wide range of test pieces. This not only serves PlyBond database (WP2) but also is fundamental information for many research and modelling purposes. The information includes: - different combination of glues, species - various research institutes - evaluated based on visual test pieces - evaluated based on the scanned image.
(WP4&5) Performance in use: internal control in the factory and external control procedures Guidance documents for using the developed PlyWoodFail and PlyBond systems (WP6) Performance in use: integration and exploitation Outputs from this WP include: - Imaging hardware and software manual - Database hardware and software manual - Exploitation and business plan - Compiled results (in final technical report) / Information/data for the harmonised EN standards.

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