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Contenido archivado el 2024-05-27

Flexible inspection of bores with a robotic endoscope (FIBRESCOPE)

Resultado final

The lightweight linear module is specially designed for use at robot arm. It consists basically off the common amtec modular axis system extended with a extremely small and lightweight screw driven linear axis. Due to the use of a standard amtec motor unit mounted on the axis the control of the axis is fitting perfectly to the remaining robot system.
The Bore Clearance Check is a device which protects the endoscope optics against mechanical damages caused by contacts with the bore surface or obstacles inside the bore. Obstacle can be chips, burrs or the bore ground. In any case of contact sensor is activated to send a command to the robot control for retract the endoscope out from the bore. In case of not obstacle the endoscope can grab the image while moving out of the bore.

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