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Towards construction of a complete physical map of the mouse genome: integration of YAC clone resources with the European collaborative interspecific backcross (EUCIB)


The European Collaborative Interspecific Backcross (EUCIB) is a major collaborative European effort to provide resources for the high resolution genetic mapping of the mouse, an important model organism in the Human Genome project. A 1,000 animal backcross has been anchor mapped across the genome providing DNAs to allow users to map new markers to a resolution of 0.3cM. EUCIB is also supported by a sophisticated database. In addition, in collaboration with the Mouse Genome Center in the US, EUCIB is being used for the construction of a high resolution genetic map of 6,000 microsatellites across the mouse genome - a prelude to the STS (sequence tagged site) based YAC contiging of the mouse genome. EUCIB aims to map 3,000 of the proposed 6,000 microsatellites. This proposal requests support to help Europe to take a major proactive role in the provision of YAC clones covering a major portion of the mapped microsatellites and thus contribute in a substantial way to the construction of the mouse physical map. Two mouse YAC libraries have been constructed in Europe and are being widely and successfully used. We propose to screen both these libraries for 1,750 genetically mapped microsatellites over the next three years laying down YACs that will cover up to one-third of the mouse genome. The proposal involves four centres - the Pasteur Institute, Paris, France; Genethon, France.St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, London, UK and the Medical Research Council Human Genome Mapping Resource Centre, UK. We also request funding to help with the database support of the project and database links with complementary efforts at the US Mouse Genome Center.

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