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Exploitable results

This project is managed and primarily contracted by ATKOSoft under the framework of the Telematics Applications for Health programme that concerned the evolution of telematics. Today, technology renders the application of telemedicine (TM) feasible in a practical way. This was considered impossible only 5-6 years ago. The NIVEMES project adopted TM in order to address the above problem by creating a TM network of health care providers and developing the software that will support the practice of TM in everyday usage by integrating actual medical data and administrative features. The rationale for the development of TM has been to serve those populations that have limited access to traditional medical services. A primary use of TM is the direct service to those populations in emergency situations, while a secondary one is the exchange of data between remote medical institutions, in order to be able to serve their patients in the traditional sense. Within this context, NIVEMES developed an international network of telemedicine healthcare providers and telemedicine services that offer individuals or groups in remote locations or emergency situations medical care in a consistent and integrated manner. This conceptual network consists of medical institutions connected via communication links in a coherent network. The project resulted in healthcare services that either are unique (not provided at all up to now) or will dramatically enhance existing ones. The project developed: - A core of integrated healthcare services, support functions and applications used by a network of telemedicine healthcare providers - medical institutions. - A set of integrated healthcare services offered by this network, targeting: a. mobile user groups, applicable to the maritime industry, with the provision of telemedicine services to sailors of ship vessels, and b. remote site population, applicable to the population of the many isolated small islands.
NIVEMES project addresses the problem of health provision to a number of European population groups which currently enjoy health services of much lower standard that the ones provided to an average European citizen. The main population groups which the project concerns are seafarers on-board ship and rural dwellers, for example those living on small isolated islands The project employs state-of-the-art information technology (IT) to creates a software system which will be installed in a number of Health Provision Organisations. NIVEMES is based on ATKOSoft a_medLine software suite technology. The a_medLine software suite was awarded one of the ITEA '96 prizes. The results from the recently completed development phase include the development of the following software modules: NIVEMES Ship & Land End Node software; telemedicine module; multimedia health records application; InterNIVEMES Telemedicine module. The above modules have been installed in the four testbed sites.