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ORQUEST will harness comprehensive multimedia-based telematics to cost-effective quality dental care in Europe. It will introduce services to sharpen diagnosis and treatment and save staff time, including voice-activated electronic patient records, teleconferencing and similar facilities. Cost-effectiveness will be promoted by encouraging closer patient involvement in treatment and understanding of its goals. ORQUEST will also conduct clinical evaluation of dental care and local, regional and national quality assurance surveys, to boost EU-wide exchange of information in the field.

As the frontiers of oral health care related knowledge continue to expand, providers are placed under increasing pressure to keep up to date with accepted and effective clinical practice which provides for quality treatment and improved communication between patients and the health care team. In addition there is ever increasing pressure to make health care more cost effective. ORQUEST addresses these problems by providing oral health care professionals with a comprehensive multimedia-based telematic system, comprising a number of advanced IT&T-tools for quality assurance and development and for increased cost-effectiveness. The ORQUEST-system covers three main areas:

1) Chairside support to the dental team. This includes a proactive multimedia-based, interactive electronic dental patient record system, helping the dentist to avoid actions which reduce quality (e.g. diagnosis from radiographs of poor quality), assuring that all data required for evaluation are registered, and saving staff time, because the dentist can dictate input data directly to the system. It further includes teleconferencing and teleoperating facilities for expert assisted diagnosis and treatment of oral mucosal lesions and interpretation of oral radiographs as well as for enhanced collaboration between dentists and dental technicians.

2) Patient information. Cost-effectiveness of oral health care delivery is highly dependent on the patient willingness to cooperate. This requires that patients understand their oral health situation, are motived to achieve the goals of a treatment plan, and fully participate in the maintenance of their oral health. The ORQUEST-system provides innovative IT&T-tools for enhancing patients' involvement in the "treatment contract".

3) Retrospective evaluation of the care delivered. The ORQUEST-system enables both clinical evaluation and aggregated quality assurance surveys at local, regional, and national levels. Most important, it enables EU wide exchange of information, especially evaluative information, on quality assurance and development in oral health care.

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