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Exploitable results

The ORQUEST project provides oral health care (OHC) professionals with comprehensive multimedia-based telematic system, ORQUEST TS, comprising a number of advanced information technologies. The advantage of ORQUEST being a truly European product lies in its multilingual and multicultural features. In contrast to single line development projects, ORQUEST represents a global concept for integrated chairside communication. ORQUEST TS consists of four main elements: an integrated chairside telematics platform; information technology support for diagnosis, treatment and clinical management; a patient education and information tool and an evaluation system for monitoring international dental quality development. The integrated chairside telematics platform is a highly modular system consisting of a basic module (software and integrated hardware) and a optional number of add-on modules. The future customer is unlikely to invest in the complete system from the start. After purchasing the basic module she or he can extend her or his system with the modules needed. Once a dentist invests into the basic computer hardware to be used at chairside and experiences its advantage he is more likely to test the other ORQUEST modules as well. Additional modules require mostly just the software extension to be installed on already existing hardware. The second ORQUEST element consists of four modules supporting diagnosis, treatment and clinical management, ORQUEST-PRODRS, ORQUEST-QUASIMOR, ORQUEST-TELEDECS, and ORQUEST-LABCOM. The third ORQUEST element is a patient education and information tool that can be used at chairside. The REVAL network retrospective evaluation system is operated in the background and provides health care authorities and providers with global statistics.